Factory Tour
Factory Tour

The carbon fiber frame production workshop achieves a monthly output of 1,000 sets and covers a total area of more than 3,000 square meters. It is used to conduct filament cutting, winding, gluing, grinding, labeling, paint spraying and other working procedures.

The aluminum alloy frame production workshop is staffed by over 300 dedicated employees and provides a monthly output of up to 50,000 sets. Production of the aluminum alloy frame involves machining, welding, heat treatment, polishing, cleaning, paint spraying and other manufacturing techniques.

Shown here is our bicycle wheel assembly line. Backed by more than 20 skilled operators and at least 15 years of related experience, we can assemble around 30,000 wheelsets per month.

This workshop incorporates 3 efficient assembly lines. Each day we are able to assemble 1,500 city bikes and 600 superior e-bikes, so you will never be left waiting for a backordered bicycle.

At ZENITH (SANEAGLE), we conduct a very strict quality management system. We have built a fully-equipped lab, enabling the product components to undergo frame fatigue testing, fork fatigue testing, motor testing, as well as battery charge and discharge testing etc.

To assure customers of the highest level of quality, our finished products must undergo a full range of quality control measures. The main testing points include the coating’s quality, product appearance, product size, assembly, accessories, labels, frames, panels, and so forth. Only qualified products are allowed to be packaged and then delivered to clients.

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